The website and the Masters  Picture Book

                              A guide for upcoming Masters

The website is updated the day after each new installation – the home page has photographs of all the Masters with captions giving their names, companies, date of change, and the Company’s order of precedence.  You can click on each picture to view the Company’s website.  There is also a list of livery halls at the head of the page, each linked to a good map to show the hall’s location.  This website is a ‘one-stop shop’ for information about each company.

Every month, an updated version of the Masters Picture Book, with the pictures of all new Masters added, are posted on the website as pdf files, in both print and browser formats – just click on the Masters Picture Book tag. 


The Masters Picture Book is printed as a booklet twice a year, in June and November, and is distributed free to all Masters, Prime Wardens and the Upper Bailiff in office at the time. All editions of the Picture Book from the latest one to the first edition in June 2012 are available as pdfs on the website.


Special note for upcoming Masters:  Please help us to keep the Picture Books right up-to-date by sending your picture to us at a few weeks before your installation.  We do not need an “official” picture, since our aim is to help other people recognize you.  The best pictures are from a digital camera with a plain background, and looking slightly away from the camera.

We hope that you will have a very happy, interesting and successful year.