Some comments from our postbag

"My Consort and I find these Picture Books invaluable. We keep them to hand and find them extremely useful in our regular encounters with other Companies. Certainly when introduced to a group, it is difficult to remember names and being able to identify individuals after an event is made so much easier through the Picture Books . In addition, these Books will be extremely useful in the longer term when our Past Masters Association is formed" (Master Chartered Surveyor)

"Please see below request for photographs of yourself and your wife.  I strongly recommend you deal with this a.s.a.p.  The picture book is extremely helpful in putting names to faces and their Companies.  I guarantee you will otherwise end up saying “Hello Master” in total bewilderment!" (Email from Master Joiner to his successor)   

"Just tolet you know how incredibly useful your website really is.  I know you originally designed it so that Masters would get to know each others names, but as a Clerk I use it to show the photo to the hosts who are greeting and looking after visiting Masters so they know who to look out for "(Clerk, Guild of Entrepreneurs)

"The Masters Picture Book is very useful.  Thank you for putting it together (Master, Management Consultants Company)

"My husband never leaves home without his copy of the Masters Picture Book (Mistress Cooper)


"As Master of a Livery Company, I find your website and Master's Picture Book invaluable - I use them several times each week; thank you" (Master Cutler)

"I have just heard that you are planning a monthly update of this excellent publication. It really is such a help to put a name to a face. As I take out my Master’s badge ready for the next ensuing function, so do  I pocket my copy of the Masters’ Picture Book, an invaluable aide-memoire for our information-intensive world. Well done for this publication"  (Master Information Technologists)

"I wanted to tell you how useful your site is, particularly as my campaign to be elected as the next Non-Aldermanic Sheriff in 2014 continues.  I refer to it regularly to view Master past and present, and check for your informative updates.  Thank you for this invaluable too.  (Past Master, Tobacco Pipe Makers and Tobacco Blenders)

"I have to write to say how useful, an understatement really, it is superb, I found the web page. It provides a wonderful source of information for reminding me of the names and faces of the various Masters with whom I came into contact in my year and subsequently.  Congratulations. (Past Master Glover)

"I greatly appreciate having a copy of the Masters Picture Book No. 3.  It is a great initiative."  (Clerk, Farmers Company)

"Very helpful if you are looking out for a Master to host or greet and to try to brush up on names/faces before going somewhere (or after to work out who you were talking to)"   (Clerk, Management Consultants)

 “The Livery Company website is a marvellous tool that I am relived has been developed and available for my year as Master.  Not a day goes by that I don’t consult it to check details of Masters, names of partners, information on companies.  Trying to work and be Master can be challenging and any tool that enables swift access to information is a boon.  The Livery Company website does just that.  Invaluable!” (Master Chartered Surveyor) 


" is a valuable resource for writers and researchers looking for up to date information about the City of London Livery Companies. (Michael Ball, craft&design Magazine)  


I think this is an excellent idea and will mention it to other Masters when I meet them at the various functions I attend.  (Master, Launderers Company)

Thank you very much for your excellent initiative concerning the database, particularly useful for me since I have a memory that is unrivalled for postcodes and sports trivia but is useless at names and faces   (Master, Arbitrators Company)


Well done on all your very hard work putting this together!  (Master Needlemaker)

….it's a great information pack and web-site.   (Master Firefighter)

Thank you for your initiative.   (Master International Banker)


  The benefits are broad with the obvious ones being easy access and communication between all companies.  I consider it a good idea (Master Chartered Surveyor)

What a marvellous initiative. (Clerk, Barber-Surgeons Company)